Up close and personal with GC Communications

GC Communications is a small PR consultancy established over 15 years ago by former journalist, Gudrun Clark. With her hands-on management style, Gudrun leads an energetic, hard-working team of qualified PR practitioners to create meaningful brand communication strategies and relationship marketing for their clients. This energetic team of publicists is expert in maximising media exposure and plays an integral role in the marketing mix by building brand awareness and credibility. Dovetailing with the marketing team, they create outstanding added value and broaden the footprint of advertising campaigns by taking the brand communication through the line and increasingly with the rollout of untold digital opportunities, to 360°.

We pride ourselves in finding innovative and cost-effective ways of getting the media involved in the brands of our clients by creating campaigns that provide journalists with what they need to get the necessary exposure for the brands we represent. We are also mindful of the importance of digital media, social networking and viral marketing and diligently monitor the ever changing digital landscape keeping close tabs on bloggers and websites related to our clients. We also engage our clients with leading media players and enable them to develop relationships with key journalists and opinion leaders in their respective sectors.

We choose to remain small with a dynamic staff contingent of four representing a select list of clients, either on a retainer or a project basis.

We specialise in blue chip brands and properties offering clients a professional service. All key staff members have been moulded according to our culture and work ethic.

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