The Sharks get in the mix with Fitch & Leedes

The Sharks get in the mix with Fitch & Leedes

Fitch & Leedes has scored a full house in the world of rugby with the announcement that this refreshing drinks range is the official mixer of The Sharks.

“We are delighted to be in the mix with such a globally recognised brand as The Sharks and share their intrinsic lifestyle values and core strengths as a young and dynamic squad,” says Fitch & Leedes Brand Manager James Shaw.

Commenting on the partnership, The Sharks COO Eduard Coetzee said: “We welcome the introduction of Fitch and Leedes premium mixers to our beverage offering at Jonsson Kings Park. We are delighted to associate our brand with another dynamic company that shares a similar entrepreneurial spirit to us. We look forward to an extensive and mutually beneficial partnership.”

Fitch & Leedes is a premium lifestyle brand that has pushed the boundaries in terms of quality and product innovation, creating a niche for itself in the competitive drinks market as the range of mixers preferred by most master distillers, mixologists and discerning consumers.

“We have disrupted the mixer category in South Africa by offering consumers a premium experience. Similarly The Sharks as an iconic brand have always pushed the boundaries both on and off the rugby field. The experience they have created in the stadium and their vision to elevate this experience going forward is something we simply have to be involved in,” adds Shaw.

As the title sponsor of all the major G&T Festivals around South Africa, Fitch & Leedes prides itself as the understudy to greatness, accentuating the botanical character and subtle notes in premium gins and other craft spirits. Understanding the time and effort put into perfecting a premium spirit, Fitch & Leedes mixers are made for the utmost purity in terms of quality and taste to ensure the best representation of what was intended by the master distiller.

The authenticity of this premium range is inspired by two intrepid merchantmen, Ralph Fitch and William Leedes, who set sail on De Tyger in 1583 in search of new, exotic tastes in India and the East. Fitch & Leedes speaks of romance and integrity of a bygone age.

The Fitch & Leedes range consists of Indian Tonic, Pink Tonic, Craft Cola – all available in regular and sugar free; Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Spicy Ginger Beer, Bitter Lemon and new Cheeky Cranberry and Blue Tonic.

Select flavours are now also available in convenient 750ml glass bottles because cocktail hour is a team sport!

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected delis, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars. For more information about the Fitch & Leedes range visit, or follow all the action on @FitchLeedes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


































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