Quarantini happy hour with Fitch & Leedes mocktails

Fitch & Leedes, the popular range of premium mixers, is shaking up your lockdown by adding some pizzazz with a series of blended quarantini mocktails to create your own special happy hour at home.

Beat the lockdown blues with these easy to follow virgin cocktails created in collaboration with Omniblend high performance blenders and food blogger and photographer, Nita West from Shutterbloggin.

Dabbling in the art of mixology with easy to find, non-restricted ingredients, is a fun way to break lockdown monotony.

Opt for the blended version of the minty Classic Mojito or the Malibu Peach Lemonade Slushie for a taste of summer. If you’re in the mood for something slightly more decadent, try the Cranberry Cream Mocktail which includes a homemade recipe for a syrupy grenadine.

Leave your Instagram feed green with envy with the citrus infused Cloudy Cucumber mocktail, with or without a shot or two of your favourite gin, if you still have some of course. With winter in the air, make the Spicy Ginger Ice Tea your lockdown immune booster.

Usually the perfect accompaniment to your favourite spirit – this superb range of authentic mixers takes the lead with these exciting mocktails.

Fitch & Leedes has a range of premium tonics including the ever popular Indian Tonic as well as more hipster Pink, Blue and new coral Grapefruit. The range also features a wide variety of premium mixers from Club Soda, Lemonade, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Ale, to the more trendy Cheeky Cranberry, Spicy Ginger Beer and Peach Lemonade.

Fitch & Leedes mixers are available at leading stores or for purchase online at https://www.fitchleedes.co.za/order-online during and after the lockdown. Get in the mix with @FitchLeedes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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Fitch & Leedes Mocktail Recipes

In collaboration with Omniblend and Nita West

The Classic Mojito


  • 12 to 14 small mint leaves
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 1 tbsp superfine sugar replace with simple syrup made from xylitol
  • 120ml F&L Club Soda


Blend all the ingredients together and garnish with mint leaves and a wedge of lime. Serves 2.

Malibu Peach Lemonade Slushie


  • 160g fresh peach / nectarines (peeled and frozen)
  • 120g fresh pineapple (peeled and frozen)
  • 350ml F&L Peach Lemonade

***Ice cubes (optional)

Blend all the fruit together and pour it into a glass. Top up with F&L Peach Lemonade ice cubes. For a slushie texture, add a few blocks of ice to the blender.

Cloudy Cucumber Gin Mocktail

  • 1 large English cucumber
  • strips of lime zest
  • 2 tsps raw sugar – optional
  • 2 lemon / lime wedges
  • F&L Bitter Lemon
  • 30ml fresh lime juice

***120ml gin (optional)

Place a whole cucumber with half a bottle of dry lemon into the blender (peeling optional).
Run it through a fine sieve and collect the juice in a glass with ice cubes, add in some freshly squeezed lime juice and a slice of lime. Top up with a F&L Bitter Lemon and garnish with lime zest and a cucumber slice.

Cranberry Cream Mocktail

  • 100ml F&L Cheeky Cranberry
  • 80ml apple juice/ puree
  • 40ml lime juice 
  • 20ml cream of coconut
  • 2 dashes grenadine

Fill the blender with ice cubes, add all ingredients and blend. Add the grenadine to the bottom of your glass and top with your Cranberry Cream.

***Homemade Grenadine recipe


  • 500ml xylitol 
  • 250ml frozen berries
  • 250ml water


Add all ingredients to a pot and boil for 10 minutes, allow it to cool before storing in the fridge.

Spicy Ginger Ice Tea

  • 375ml honey & ginger tea (option to use any herbal blend)
  • 250ml crushed frozen pineapple pieces
  • 200ml F&L Ginger Ale
  • lemon slice and a few frozen berries to garnish
  • ice cubes

Fill glass halfway with crushed ice (add a little F&L ginger ale to get your ice moving in your blender) Add ginger ale and tea to taste. 
Garnish with berries.

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