Loxtonia Non-Alcoholic Cider – the alternative lifestyle choice

Non-alcoholic drinks are surging as the trend towards alternative lifestyle choices takes hold across the globe.

Loxtonia, the ‘orchard to bottle’ 100% freshly pressed and naturally fermented apple cider from the Ceres Valley, has you covered with a refreshing, low-calorie Non-Alcoholic Cider.

Made on the family-owned farm with home-grown apples, Loxtonia Easy Apple Non-Alcoholic Cider delivers a burst of crisp apples with a dry Granny Smith finish. Delicious to the core with just 58 calories, this non-alcoholic cider will never weigh you down. Whether you are a self-care maven, a mom-to-be or designated driver, you can make good alternative choices without having to give up on the original premium Loxtonia Cider taste.

Loxtonia Easy Apple Non-Alcoholic is a blend of the finest hand-picked apples freshly pressed in the cidery on Loxtonia farm. Their proud premise of ‘orchard to bottle’ captures the quality and integrity of the apple throughout the cider making process. Relying entirely on solar power and keeping water usage to a minimum, it’s a sustainable journey with zero waste that begins in the soil and ends with the cider.

All Loxtonia ciders are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free of preservatives and artificial additives. Enjoy chilled, straight from the fridge, or pour over ice and garnish with a slice of apple.

Loxtonia Fresh Apple Non-Alcoholic Cider is available at the Loxtonia Cidery in Ceres or leading outlets countrywide. For online purchases at R80.84 for a 4-pack of 340ml glass bottles including free delivery within South Africa, visit https://www.loxtonia.co.za/.  The Loxtonia tasting room is open daily. For bookings email info@loxtonia.co.za or call Tel: 023-0040930.To stay in the mix, follow @loxtonia_cider on Instagram and Twitter.

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