Results Driven Campaigns

PR is an often under utilized tool in the marketing mix that, in the right hands, is one of the most cost effective ways of communicating strategic messages to your target markets and generates valuable word of mouth. Taking your communication beyond the limits of an advertising campaign, PR increases the impact of your marketing budget by broadening the reach through editorial exposure across all forms of print and digital media.

PR is frequently misunderstood as advertorial, marketing, event management or just socialising. One of Public Relations’ main tasks is to create awareness, lobby, persuade, change or reinforce opinions of stakeholders and the media about a product or service to gain and retain credibility in the industry. PR is an ongoing process of constant maintenance, support and innovation to ensure top of mind understanding in the hearts and minds of consumers of your product or service.

Sound relationship building is vital and needs to be cemented with the media, clients and the public to inform, educate and excite them about your brands. The most effective PR is ongoing. While quick fixes are achievable in the short term, the best results are attained through protracted initiatives to build relationships not just with stakeholders and the media, but also between the PR agency and the client. Good ongoing PR is only successful with a trusting client/PR relationship, where each party fully understands the requirements of the other.

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