What we do

Our specialist media communication skills over a broad field of interests from hard news to lifestyle, hospitality, travel, food and wine, give us the competitive edge to open doors for your brands and services in the media. Let us help you build lasting relationships with key journalists and bloggers as well as with your consumers through editorial coverage in print, TV, radio and the digital realm. Through our strategic and targeted press releases we can bring your brand to a much wider audience and help you reach previously untapped markets. By adding PR to your marketing mix, we can broaden your communication footprint substantially, thereby maximising the return on your marketing spend. We can ensure that your brand becomes and remains top of mind through regular communication with your stakeholders and target markets.


We offer the following services:

  1. Assess and identify the need for media communication
  2. Develop a communication strategy for immediate and long-term visibility and relationship building
  3. Research, write and translate press releases
  4. Distribution of media releases to specialist media contacts in print, electronic and digital media
  5. Ongoing media liaison and relationship building
  6. Arranging magazine features, radio interviews and TV exposure
  7. Management of press conferences and media interaction
  8. Engaging brands with a network of social influencers
  9. Manage promotions and competitions
  10. Negotiate partnerships and trade exchanges
  11. Evaluation and analysis of media exposure
  12. Copywriting for brand collateral such as brochures, websites etc.
  13. Assist with conceptualisation of advertising campaigns
  14. Media planning for advertising campaigns
  15. Provide photographic services through our network of specialist photographers
  16. Provide print and web design services through our network of IT specialists and designers
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